About - Pawan Garia

With more then 10+ years of experience in Programming and building the test automation architecture for complex products. I started out teaching myself programming while working. I have worked at several companies ranging from start-ups to large enterprises focusing on Java, C#, Docker and Automation Testing. Throughout my career, I focused on getting the opportunity to learn many software development best practices and exposure to new technologies.

I developed this website using Hugo framework with lots of HTML and CSS and Hosting on Google FireBase. I document everything I learn in simple and clear tutorials that help thousands of people transition into coding careers themselves. I’ve written about everything from Java, C#, Selenium WebDriver, Docker, Containers, Git, OOPS concepts, TestNG, REST APIs, Automation Testing etc. I am trying to write article which I think hard to find on internet.

I am living in Germany with my wife and our 2+ years old son(Reyansh) in a beautiful city of Nuremberg. In my free time, I like watching movies, traveling to new places and adventure sports.

Please feel free to contact me on my Email: pawangaria@gmail.com

Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pawan-garia-a947a24a/

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